Suprion Applications

Heat Exchanging: Cooling Tower / Air-cooled Chiller

Open Cooling Tower

Closed Cooling Tower

Air-cooled Chiller

Water Supply / Air-conditioning

Hotel / Office / Apartments

Hot Water Boiler

Hot & Cold Water System

Industrial Water Cooling

Heat Exchange of Oil - Water: Hydraulic, Mould etc

Washing / Showering

Commercial Applications

Washing / Cleaning

Kitchen / Ice Machine

Air Conditioning

Other Applications

Pool / Spa

Steam Boilers


Installation Precautions

Ensure Suprion is installed with the water flow direction following the direction of the arrow.

Suprion can be installed either vertically or horizontally, or at a bend.

When Suprion is connected to plastic pipes (such as PVC) on both sides, grounding via the earth terminal is required.

When Suprion is connected to stainless steel pipes, use welding flanges made of stainless steel.  In addition, apply insulating sleeves and washers to ensure the body is electrically insulated from the stainless steel pipework.